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Our Policy

In recent years, many Japanese companies have been aggressively expanding their business overseas, and many Japanese companies have manufacturing bases overseas.
In addition, with the recent increase in the number of travelers to Japan and their familiarity with Japanese culture, the number of companies entering the market to provide Japanese services is also increasing.
On the other hand, differs from Japan in many aspects, such as language, culture, legal system, then Japanese will face problems in various situations. However, there are many people who hesitate to access to a lawyer and consult a lawyer after a trouble occurs.
Despite the increase in the number of Japanese companies operating overseas, there are very small number of Japanese lawyers stationed overseas and language issues also exist. Therefore, we opened this office where the Japanese lawyer who has abundant experience in overseas cooperate with the local staff, and which is an easy-to-access office while maintaining quality.
We would be happy if we could contribute to the advance of Japanese companies.
Further, TNY stands for the name of founders, Yuji Tsutsumi and Takahisa Nagata.
We do our best to provide all of clients with Japanese quality service.